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We provide innovative solutions into the logistic sector. Our main mission is to create a solid business partnership based on a common understanding of running a business. Therefore, free communication with clients is crucial for us, thanks to which we will be able to develop and meet all expectations of our clients. If we want to develop we need new challenges that’s why, every client is our challenge.

Anna Avirmed-Groth
Founder & General Manager

worldwide service

We offers a host of transport management services in whole of Europe but we cooperate with customers from whole world.

24/7 Support

Cooperation with companies from all over the world requires constant connection with business partners. That's why our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can contact us at any time.


Our experienced team will take care of the entire bureaucratic process related to the transport of your goods.

Timely delivery

Thanks to an experienced team and a reliable fleet of vehicles, we deliver goods on time.


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